Episode 40

Mr. Twin Sister - Self-Titled (2014)

We make the case in this episode that Mr. Twin Sister is one of the most talented acts to come out of the last decade, with a look at their 2014 self-titled 3rd album. Having gone through some rough patches as a band in the previous year (parting ways with Domino Records, lead vocalist Andrea Estella's MS diagnosis, and the entire group surviving a harrowing car crash while touring in Florida), Mr. Twin Sister emerges on the other end with a renewed energy and a fresh sound to go along with their slightly altered name (they used to go by simply Twin Sister, and were one of the many dream pop buzz bands of 2010). Effortlessly and expertly blending jazz, disco, and house electronic with a distinctly 70s and 80s vibe, this record is a true hidden gem for music lovers who want to hear something unique and refreshing.

From The Archive


On this week's Sidetrack we take a quick peak at 1970's Zambia and the emergence of its Africa-tinged rock n' roll scene, affectionately named "Zamrock". We dive into the circumstances leading up to its creation, and play some tunes from three of our favorite acts out of Zambia. 

Episode 38

Tame Impala - Innerspeaker (2010)

From bedroom side project to headlining Coachella, Kevin Parker's blend of psychedelic, space rock, and jangly Brit pop has made Tame Impala one of the most unique and highly sought-after acts to emerge out of rock music in the last decade. With Lennon-esque vocals and phase-fuzz heavy melodies, Tame Impala is arguably the most notable acts of the psychedelic resurgence of the early 10s, and as his music continues to evolve and crossover into the mainstream, Tame Impala is always taking the genre to new places and new audiences. In this episode, we explore the origins of Kevin Parker in the Perth music scene and we listen to the music of his debut album Innerspeaker.

Episode 37

Nick Drake - Bryter Layter (1971) (w/ Special Guest Larry Llodra)

Yeah, we know....it's been a hot minute. But we are back in the swing of things and decided to bring along one of our dearest friends for this one: singer-songwriter Larry Llodra, hailing from Austin TX, to talk with us about one of the most under-appreciated folk artists of the last half century, Nick Drake. In the span of just three years, Nick Drake gave us three incredibly beautiful folk-pop records that are nothing short of masterpieces, each one bringing us just a little bit closer to the man himself. Just two years after his extremely personal, vulnerable, poetic & raw third studio album "Pink Moon" was released to the masses, he succumbed to his own overwhelmingly troubled & isolated mind, overdosing on prescription pain medication at the age of 26. Join us as we dive into his second studio album, "Bryter Layter".

Episode 36

Television - Marquee Moon (1977)

CBGB...Late 1970s...The birthplace of punk rock in New York City. Television was all up in it...at the ground floor. Join us as we dive into their debut full-length album "Marquee Moon" from 1977. Alongside Blondie and The Ramones, Television was lumped into the punk rock category, and for good reason...but their jazz-improve guitar stylings and sporadic vocals placed them on the other side of that punk rock coin.